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Pool Opening Request Form For Inground Pools Only

Use this form or call J.C. Pools to schedule your opening services! Scheduling is on a first-come, first-served basis, so reserve your date today. We will contact you as soon as possible to confirm an appointment and provide a quote for services. (* Required information)

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Notes: Please submit this form as soon as possible to ensure your preferred week. All openings are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis. Late phone-in requests will be assigned as dates are available.
When we contact you to confirm your date and opening details, we'll give you a quote for all services. Payment can be made by check or credit card (by phone). Please call us if you have any questions.




Standard Full-Service Opening includes:

  • Clean off and remove cover – All leaves and debris will be piled next to the pool, or in trash barrels if you leave them near the pool We do not haul away leaves or debris. Cover will be folded and left near pool for homeowner to put away. (With an "economy" opening, you remove the cover prior to our arrival.)
  • Fully prepare pool for operation (remove plugs, install jet nozzles, assemble equipment, install ladders, hand rails).
  • Add or leave opening pool chemicals (algaecide & shock).
  • Start up equipment, if pool is full enough.

Homeowner is responsible for:

  • Preparing the cover PRIOR to our arrival:
     - Solid Tarp covered pools: Remove leaves and debris, pump off water and fill the pool under cover.
     - Safety Mesh covered pools: Fill pool to operating level under the cover.
  • Placing all necessary pool parts such as pump basket, plugs, jet nozzles, skimmer baskets, handrails, filter powder (if used) near pool before the crew arrives.
  • Turning on pool power supply.
  • Turning on outside water supply and making garden hose available.
  • Filling pool to normal operating level prior to your pool opening day.
  • Start up of pool if pool is not full at time of opening.
  • Cleaning of pool itself, pool filter and any other items such as solar cover.
  • Installation of any accessories such as solar cover and/or reel.
  • All chemical testing and balancing of pool water.

It is very important, after opening, that you keep the pool filter running, clean the filter and add chemicals to help the pool achieve balance and clarity so it is easier to vacuum when you are ready to do so.

We do not clean or vacuum pools at opening. Care will be taken to get as little debris into the pool during cover removal as possible, but some debris is destined to fall into the pool (especially with tarp covers), this is unavoidable and we do not vacuum it out. Once the pool clears after a few days you should be able to clean the filter and vacuum. While we will test and do the initial water balancing adjustments your should still pay special attention to your water balance and filter operation during the first couple of weeks, testing daily and adjusting as needed. Remember, without proper pH and alkalinity your chlorine or bromine or shock will NOT clear the pool by itself – so pay special attention to these!!