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Water Testing

Pool Water TestingCollect a Clean Water Sample for Analysis

Here’s what you do:

  1. Start with a clean, glass or plastic bottle -- that is, make sure whatever was in the bottle has been rinsed out and that no soap residue is present. Simply rinse with warm water to loosen product, dirt, etc.
  2. Rinse the bottle with pool/spa water discarding your rinse water outside the pool or spa.
  3. Invert the bottle (mouth down) and push down into the pool or spa about 8-10 inches. Then turn the bottle upright to fill. This way, you'll collect water without any surface contaminants in a bottle that has minimal other contaminants.
  4. Cap and bring to the store as soon as you can (no rush, but don't leave it sitting in the sun which could break-down some chemicals prior to testing.

Be prepared to tell us what products you use in your pool and the most recent applications you've made and when.