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Pool Chemicals

Featuring Omni Chemicals

Omni Pool ChemicalsWe feature not only the best chemicals for your pool, but ones available at a great value. The Omni chemicals we are carrying this year are outstanding. Ask us for help in choosing the right products for your situation. Bring in a water sample so we can recommend the proper amounts.

  • 3in Tabs in BucketChlorine – Both 3" and 1" tabs, plus liquid available
  • AlgaecideAlgaecide 60 – Super Concentrate (for weekly maintenance)
  • Alkalinity Control
  • Calcium
  • Stablizer
  • PH Plus & Minus
  • Stabilizer
  • StablizerDiatomaceous Earth (DE)
  • Salt
  • Shock
  • Lots more!