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Matrix Polymer Wall In-Ground Pools

Imagine a custom-designed pool that will stretch your imagination, not your budget. A pool so flexible that it fits the shape of your life and the contours of your backyard with perfect precision. Now imagine that you can enjoy your pool in a Matrix Pool Systems - The Shape of Matrix Poolsmatter of days-not weeks.

Welcome to the shape of Matrix Pool Systems.

Deep below the gentle curves and effortless fluidity of a Matrix pool rests a structure of uncompromising strength and durability. The muscle behind the beauty lies in the strong The Power Grid - Matrix Pool SystemsPower Grid reinforcing design and unique flexibility of its radius panels.

Matrix uses two polymers-polystyrene resin to craft the straight walls and adaptable polypropylene for the radius walls of your pool.

Polystyrene is a superior material for straight walls offering crisp lines in configurations needing precision. It is rigid and great for products needing exact definition. Straight walls require rigidity to maintain multiple plumb walls with load pressures of water and earth. This material is ideally suited for this mission.

The synergy between these two polymers is excellent for inground pools. A proper mix of straight polystyrene panels unite with radius polypropylene panels that will form to any curve or contour desired.

Click here to see a gallery of Matrix Polymer Wall Pools in an array of shapes.

Matrix Pool Systems are designed for life. You can trust Matrix Pool Systems for exacting craftsmanship and superior installation. Imperial Pools backs this statement with a limited LIFETIME WARRANTY with a one-time transferable provision. The polymer walls of your Matrix pool are guaranteed for life against defects in material. It makes sense that the strongest pool in the industry should be backed by the industry's strongest warranty.

Installation Sequence for a Matrix In-ground Pool