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In-Ground, Concrete-Wall Pool

Concrete Wall PoolWith the strength of concrete, these 10" thick, steel-reinforced concrete walls form the strongest swimming pool that we offer. Concrete walls are completely non-corrosive, will not rot, and we have been building them for decades with trouble free performance. Available in a variety of both shapes and rectangles, they also present some unique options like stair entries that are 20 feet wide or more. Once the concrete forms are stripped away, all our concrete wall pools receive a specially designed closed cell wall material that protects the liner from abrasion while giving the pool interior a luxurious feel to the touch.

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Our brand of vinyl surface from Vyn-All is specifically formulated for maximum stain and scale resistance. Unlike other surfaces, like plaster that are rough to the touch, prone to scaling and staining, and often require careful attention and brushing, the Vyn-All surface is low-maintenance and highly durable, so you spend less time maintaining your pool and more time enjoying it.

Installation Sequence for a Concrete In-ground Pool