J.C. Pools of Barre, MA serving Central MA and Worcester County

Above-Ground Swimming Pools

Outstanding Choices Are Yours

The quickest way to wet summer fun is an above-ground pool! J. C. Pools uses only the finest quality pool systems from four companies: the Distinction RX, the Mission RTS Hybrid, and the Radiant.

We'll come to your home to help you plan for and select the best pool for your yard.



Above-Ground Pool Options:

  • A-Frame Pool Ladder
  • U-Bead Liner
  • In-Pool Light
  • Automatic Chlorinator
  • Ladder Mat
  • Thermo-Wall Reflective Insulation (not for use on Radiant Metric which has an insulated wall system)


Thermo-Wall reflective insulation (right) adds R-value to your pool water, reducing heat loss and acting as a vapor barrier to help prevent condensation on your pool's steel walls.


Above-Ground Pool Installation Includes:

  1. Excavation up to one-foot off level (anything over one-foot is extra).
  2. Level site to manufacturer's specifications.
  3. Whole patio blocks under each upright.
  4. Base of masonry sand or washed brick sand to manufacturer's specifications.
  5. Erection of pool.
  6. Construction of filter pad
  7. Assembly of filter system.
  8. Installation of skimmer and all plumbing.
  9. Lesson on pool and filter operation.

Customer's Responsibilities:

  • Building permits, local zoning law requirements
  • Removal of trees and stumps
  • Removal of excavated earth
  • Removal of unforeseen obstacles such as ledge, large boulders, hard pan, etc.
  • Power source and electrical wiring for filte.
  • Disposal of packaging
  • Water
  • Assembly of ladder
  • Placing stone around finished pool (ASAP)